Thursday, April 3, 2008

I hate training new employees

I'm at the same grocery store almost every day. Most of the cashiers/baggers know me. Many will get me a 10lb bag of ice before I even ask for it. They know I bring my own bags and I'm particular about how they are packed.

This one lady...I swear, three times I have said "and may I please have a bag of Reddy Ice; the big bag?" and then she doesn't ring it up and thing brings me one of their little courtesy bags of crushed ice, so I have to do another transaction, usually annoying the person behind me. Perhaps the fourth time will be the charm.

When lines are slow, one of the neighboring cashiers will usually come over to help bag if I can't get there in time to do it myself. I always put the cold stuff in my green envirosac . They don't always know this, but I'll pull that one aside and say "please put the cold stuff in here." That way I only have one bag to put and keep in my insulated bag and can pull stuff out at the client's as I need it. The guy said "Yeah, ok!"

Well, I get to my clients and I unpack the canned/dry goods onto the counter and get to work. I need my coconut milk. Where's my coconut milk? Did they forget to pack my coconut milk? Oh god. How will I make this Thai curry???

Oh, wait...nope, it's in the cold bag.

Later: where's my chicken broth? Oh...don't tell me...yep, it's in the cold bag.

I know it's silly, but it makes for a bitchy me.

There are some bagging-only employees that I will avoid completely and have no qualms about stepping in front of them and suggesting that they'd be better off helping the woman who is just staring into space while her groceries pile up at the end of the belt.

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