Saturday, April 26, 2008

Yes, I'm alive

I've been meaning to post, but I really don't know why I haven't lately. I suppose I've been busy, although we have been in town every weekend since we were in New Orleans. It has been nice.

Last night was my turn to host book club. It was so sad; only two of the seven attending had actually finished the book (I was one of those two, although I finished it 15 minutes before they arrived), two only made it to page 90, and the rest didn't even start. I realize that these groups are often more social than anything else, but I think people should at least try to read the book. We had six weeks!

Our book was Love in the Time of Cholera. Yes, it was a past Oprah Book Club selection. Please don't give me grief for that.

Because the book is loosely set in Colombia, I started digging around for traditional Colombian foods when deciding what to make. The food at our past meetings has not been tied to the book, but it was easier for me to do this than to come up with a menu any other way. I made an Aji Salsa, a huge pot of Sancocho de Gallina, and arepas. Dessert? Well, that was chewy chocolate cookies from Central Market. I had to have one easy thing!

In knitting, I finished a baby sweater for R's step-cousin's baby shower that we are attending this evening. I'm also working on a simple wrap using some Unger Angelspun yarn. The pattern is a simple rectangle in stockinette stitch that is seamed together. (I need to find the pattern again so I will know how to finish it!) The yarn was some from my mother-in-law and it is a very boring fleshy color, so I decided today that I would try to dye it. I have part of a sweater that she was knitting with it and it is currently in a hot pot of water with two packs of black cherry kool-aid. The yarn is a mohair/nylon/acrylic blend, so I'm hoping that the mohair and nylon will take up the dye even though the acrylic will not. It has only been 20 minutes and the water is almost clear, so things are working so far. I just have to see what happens when I rinse it. Pictures to come!

update: It worked!!

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