Sunday, December 9, 2007

80+ in December is just plain wrong.

I think we have had one cold day since the end of October, and I am officially frustrated with the fact that it just won't cool off. OK, so I didn't have to bring a coat to R's office party last night, but even a mild chill would be nice at this point.

We slept in late again this morning, but I've been working on a few things. I made a second batch of spiced nuts in the crock pot today (this time sweet; the first were nice and spicy) and I'm trying to figure out the pattern in the lace shawl I want to start. So far it's not going too well, but I know that once I get a little further along it will be clearer what stitch is required where.

My first lace scarf is complete. Things got a bit tricky in the end, and I still need to try to block it, but overall I am happy with this first attempt.

The office party wasn't too bad. We were a bit skeptical as they decided to hold on the mezzanine floor of their office building instead of a hotel ballroom as per usual, but it was all very pretty and the food was good (although I focused on the crab cake and only had a bite or two of the fillet mignon). We didn't win any of the raffle drawings--one guy at our table actually one a digital camera--but we did win our table's drawing for the centerpiece. I carried a gorgeous arrangement of white hydrangea, roses and calla lilies home on my lap, with one stop at the neighborhood wine bar for a bottle of chilled champagne to go.

Not bad for a cellphone shot.

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