Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Someone's been missing his green veggies

Yes, I admit it. I have been horrible about vegetables lately. I love them, but I haven't been good about making them for us. Our last real vegetables came Saturday night in the Chinese takeout we brought over to our friends' house. Sunday and Monday we had gumbo and nothing else. True, there were bell peppers and celery in there, but you can't really count that. Last night was chicken cordon bleu (I made extra when cooking for my client), mashed potatoes (I almost never make these for us, but I had one to use up), and frozen corn.

I know...corn is a vegetable. In fact I have clients who wont eat many more vegetables than that. I managed to find an opened bag of frozen corn in the freezer and that was my attempt at balancing our meal. The key point, however, is that it's not green.

Last night I asked R what he wanted for dinner tonight. His reply "Something green and some whole grains. Oh, and fish. Fish would be good."

(I love what I have done to this guy's diet. Before me he ate pizza 3 nights a week, sandwiches 2 nights, and ate out on the weekends.)

I didn't work today, but I did spend 10:30 to 3:15 at my friend's house giving her moral support while she prepared a dinner for the first night of Hanukkah. I left her and headed straight to Starbucks to meet another friend who is moving home to Turkey at the end of March. It had been ages since we last met for coffee, and I'm running out of opportunities to do so. I left her at 5:00 faced with the horrible task of stopping by the grocery store. Luckily I was able to get in an out of Whole Foods (I refuse to buy fish at Kroger) in about 10 minutes.

Dinner: Maple/Mustard-Glazed orange roughy, broccoli, and barley risotto with swiss chard.

Now: I'm just a yard or two from the end of the first of two skeins of yarn needed to finish my lace scarf. I have already bought new yarn for my next lace project and I so want to start working on it. I am forcing myself to finish this one first. Thank goodness it is fast-moving.

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