Saturday, March 8, 2008

Celebrity Sighting!

(I first typed the title as "Celebrity Sitting")

Well, he's a celebrity to me. It's Robert Rummel-Hudson, author of Schuyler's Monster, and holder of some serious online journal/blog presence dating farther back than my own late-90's online journal writing. He obviously had a much larger readership at the time.

(What's with the ghostly blur? Is Barnes & Noble haunted??)

I tried to find Rob's book the day it came out, but my neighborhood Borders only told me that it was "Likely in Stock" and we could not find it. I finally did come across a few copies at another store last weekend, but I decided it would be better for him if I waited until the signing and bought it there. (Of course I managed to pick up a knitting book from the bargain pile while waiting for him to get started.)

I enjoyed listening to Rob read from the book. I've known his voice for a while, but it was nice to hear it come out of something other than my computer speakers.

Of course I'm writing all this assuming you know about Rob. Rob's 8 year-old daughter Schuyler (that's Sky-ler, and you can hear her say it here) was diagnosed at the age of 4 with an extremely rare congenital disorder that prevents her from speaking. I read Rob's journals and blogs before his wife got pregnant, while he was the only one who knew that she was having a girl, when she was born and while they struggled to figure out why their daughter was different. So many of us have "watched her grow up"; it's very exciting for all of us to see this book come to fruition.

So I'm telling you now...go buy this book! Yes, it is a sad story at times, but there is also happiness and humor. I think everyone should get to know Schuyler.

This thinking of long ago journaling has once again sent me back to look at what was going on this week in years past. Ten years ago tomorrow I got my very first caller-ID box. I was so excited! I was also exploring the possibility of making out with a (gasp) 30 year old--so old, and trying to figure out to do with a quart of hummus. I had the best legal memorandum in my Air Pollution Law class.

I'm missing my entries from 1999. I think they're on a zip disk somewhere.

Eight years ago I was hanging out with drunk New York City cops in New Orleans at Mardi Gras. They were trying to get us to come up to their room "to just fool around." I was also typing up clips from high school notes I'd come across trying to find some sort of unlock disk:

you'll be slightly put out with me, but I screwed up. Here it is (calm down, it's really nothing!): I have the case for Disintegration, but in it I have Kiss me, Kiss me, Kiss me. See? No big deal, but you might be a tad bit annoyed.

Seven years ago "Thespacebar still onlyworkssometime and, itlookslike onlyevery second orthird timeitrytouseit. Orless. WHY? Why doesn'tmynewkeyboard work better than theold one?"

And I wondered why I never had as many readers as Rob...

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