Sunday, March 2, 2008

Lazy Sunday


R is only in charge of dinner at home on the nights we order pizza, so breakfast on the weekends is his domain. This morning I was greeted by this:



Holy schmoly, that appears to be two socks on two circular needles. It's actually working, despite the fact that the tutorials online were very hard for me to decipher. I basically had to just take a deep breath and hope that it worked.

I did start the toes on double pointed needles, and I think that made life a bit easier. The next challenge will be the heel as I've never done toe-up socks before. I'm not looking forward to learning how to do short rows backwards.

Still processing:

Last night was supposed to be a going away dinner for a good friend of mine (my one and only bridesmaid). She had decided several months ago that she was going to move back to her home country of Turkey. At dinner, however, her ex-boyfriend (or so we thought) stood up and announced that she was going to Turkey in April, but coming back because they got married yesterday in Las Vegas.


She was sitting next to me and while we were all still in "WHAT???!?!?!" mode I looked down and grabbed her hand. "She is wearing a ring! Oh my god!"

That shows how observant I am.

Oh, and if you're curious. She got her American citizenship over a year ago, so it's not an "I need a Green Card" situation. Her husband (husband!) is actually German.

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