Thursday, March 20, 2008

More cooking and knitting than blogging

I have several pictures on my camera of things I've been up to this week, but I haven't gotten around to writing about them. It's terrible of me, I know.

This Monday is our first anniversary, so we've decided to spend a weekend in Austin. It is Thursday, and at this point we have a hotel, but that is it. I suppose that means the rest of the weekend can be divided between a yarn shop and the super mega Whole Foods.

HaHa...just kidding. Sort of. I did just make reservations for dinner on Saturday night, and R has the list of things to do from his Rand McNally map software. I only know that I will not be spending a lot of time sitting around knitting. Had we decided on a B&B up in the Hill Country, however, that might have happened.

This week's food has been a mixture of work and no work. I roasted a big chicken on Sunday and used the leftovers to make gumbo per R's request. I was able to make a quick stock Sunday night, and I happened to have something in the freezer that I'm guessing not many people have:

My dad taught me how to make a roux by heating flour in a dry pan--witout oil so it's much lighter. The only problem with this method is it makes a ton of smoke, and we don't have an outside-venting hood over our stove. What do I do? I take my portable butane burner out on the porch and give off as much smoke as I want. Still, I am happy that I didn't have to do this.

I used some of the andouille we bought at Poche's Meat Market a few weeks ago. They make amazing sausages, and I love that this one in particular is so lean. You can actually see the chunks of lean pork in the sausage

Knitting? I knit a hat for my mom, and started working on some fingerless mits for myself. (Because you know spring is prime hat/mit wearing weather around here...) I also started playing with some stitch patterns on a wash cloth, but that's not a big project. I need to decide what I'm bringing with me this weekend.

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