Friday, January 11, 2008

And my weekend begins

I just returned from dropping R off at the airport. I drove his jeep, which was an experience in itself. I drove a 5-speed (and occasionally a 4+) for a long time, and learned to drive on one. However I've been happy with my automatic for almost 6 years now. I'd forgotten what it's like to drive in the right lanes on the freeway. It's like being on a different road!

It does not handle like my VW...

Last night's dinner:

Chicken stuffed with figs & goat cheese, roasted fingerling potatoes (with a bit of duck fat), and haricots verts. Mmm.

Lucky for me it cleared up yesterday and I was able to get some more yarn photos. There are still a few photo-less skeins on my ravelry stash page, but I'm getting there. I also managed to order everything I needed minus the boots, plus a wig. The only thing I have left for today is laundry. woo hoo!

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