Monday, January 28, 2008

A sad day

I bought anti-wrinkle cream. Those creases on my nose between my eyes and on either side of my mouth have really started to get to me. The light tinted moisturizer I use on the few days I actually wear makeup has started settling into those creases. Yuck.

I'm not old enough for wrinkle cream. I know the stuff wont do squat, but oh well. I'll at least try.

In knitting news, the Twister Diva Shrug is complete:

Yes, the sleeves are even, I just didn't lay it out well. We'll have to wait until after next weekend for a shot of it on me in my full getup. And yes, that's a partial skein of yarn stuffed inside the left boob. I needed something to give it shape as I hot glued beads onto it. It's too bad I can't fill the things out.

Dinner tonight was chicken curry and peas. It's a recipe I always make extra of when I cook for a client. I haven't come up with tomorrow's menu yet, so I don't know what we'll be eating.

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