Thursday, January 10, 2008

Today must be productive

Yesterday was a gorgeously beautiful day. Not a cloud in the sky. I should have come home and started taking pictures of my newly inherited yarn stash (the first box that has been shipped down...there's more to come), but I'm not working today so I figured I'd get it done this morning. I don't think it's worth dragging the box out on the porch for cloudy-day photos.

Other things I must do today:

1) Finish Dad's Christmas Scarf (only 4 more repeats!!!), while listening to Eat, Pray, Love for a book club I've been invited to. I don't usually read Oprah's Book Club selections, but I wasn't involved in the choice. I did buy the book as well, but I think I'm going to have to work with a combination of the two.

2) Drop of some old paint at the monthly hazardous waste drop-off.

3) Order this, and these (or something similar), some of these, and a white satin corset. (I'd post a link, but that wouldn't exactly be safe for work now, would it?)

4) Do laundry

5) Go to the store for a few more things for the "nice dinner" I promised R yesterday. We ordered pizza Tuesday, which meant leftovers last night, and he's off to Vegas for a bachelor party tomorrow. This meal is suppose to make up for my laziness.

It is 10:15 and I am still in my robe.

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