Monday, January 21, 2008

When he's in charge of dinner

I have a cold. I'm whiny and miserable, and I've postponed my first two clients to the end of the week to avoid coughing on their kids and their food. For dinner last night I made a nice big pot of homemade chicken soup (sending R to the store for ingredients before he went to watch football with a friend), so tonight we had leftovers. I asked him to get a pot and empty the soup into it.

You'd think that such a technical person would have better spacial recognition.

But then perhaps he was trying to be as efficient as possible. Who knows, but I had to be very careful when stirring it to make sure it didn't splash all over the stove top (which of course it did anyway...).

I took a sort of nap during the middle of the afternoon, but much of the rest of the day was spent knitting. I started on a hat yesterday with some of the yarn left over from my mother-in-law's sweater:

But I set it aside to start a shrug for my Mardi Gras costume. Right now, the forecast is calling for weather in the 50's, so I need something to cover my arms but not my chest. While not as cold as originally forecast, it's not your typical walking around in a bustier weather. This basic rectangle seamed up on the sleeves should work just fine. It's just boring as hell to knit.

I'm using Hayfield Exquisite Shimmer, an eyelash yarn that I now have 4 skeins of. The color should go well with my red gogo boots.

Since arriving on Friday, these have only come off my feet to sleep and shower:

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