Thursday, February 21, 2008

And this isn't even the last of it.

Look what I found on the doorstep this afternoon:

There is still another box to come that is just full of skeins. This was mainly a box of UFOs. My mother-in-law definitely was a fan of novelty and ribbon yarns. Most of these I'd seen while I was up there, but my there are a few bags that my father-in-law must have found later. These pictures are all uploaded in full-res, so you can click on them and examine them more closely.

An orangey-pink garter stitch scarf (gum included):

The start of a sweater knit with three different types of novelty yarn (pattern included, but I can't see finishing it):

A green tennis-y looking top:

Knitted mice cat toys (not seamed and unstuffed) from a November 1992 Woman's Day Magazine. I briefly flipped through and caught the fashion pages. Did I dress like that when I was in college??

I figured out what the Unger Angelspun in the last box was for. It's a V-neck pullover.

A cute baby pattern book (no publication date) and a random skein or two. She must have finished this project:

Another lovely novelty yarn piece with nice Brittany needles attached. I suppose I will put this on a stitch holder so I don't feel guilty for taking out the needles.

This one was bought in 2006, so there are actually some patterns I might use, but I'm not crazy about this sweater. She might not have been either, as all she knitted was a swatch. It's a Katia book.

There were also two more pairs of Addi Turbos and some cookie cutters. And at the bottom of the box, I found this:

I had no idea what it was, but a quick google search filled me in--and then let me knows that I could have figured it out myself if I'd just slid the metal part up a bit. It's an adjustable skirt length marker.

Now I must re-pack the box and find a place for it so R does not freak out when he gets home. There were a lot of nooks and crannies in his parents' house for yarn storage. We don't quite have that here.

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