Thursday, February 14, 2008

Like any other day

It's 10:50 p.m. on Valentine's Day and we're both sitting downstairs on our computers. We did have a nice four-course dinner at home, made even more nice by the fact that I didn't have to cook it. My favorite local grocery store was offering dinner for two to go, and I thought that sounded perfect. Even more perfect was the fact that it was completely free thanks to my accumulated rewards points. The only thing I paid for was the $40 bottle of wine bought two years ago in Sonoma. It was about time we opened it, and it was quite nice.

The dinner package even included the candles. Would you believe I don't own any taper candlesticks? This led to a trip to the thrift store down the street. After much wandering around I decided on a fairly interesting pair of turned wood candlesticks. These were much more interesting than most of the ones they had.

Dinner: some bite sized appetizers, a salad, and then a main course of Lobster

The candlesticks were not the only things I came home with from the thrift store. I also picked up a small 100% cashmere sweater ($4.99) in a color that can only be described as "bubble gum pink." It's a sport weight (12wpi with the kinks, although I'll re-measure), and appears to be knit on something equivalent to a US5 needle. I have 306 grams. This picture does not do the color justice.

The reconditioning will have to wait however, as tomorrow we're driving to visit to my Granna while she still knows who we are. She is apparently her normal self at the moment--only with a slight speech impediment, but the doctor told us it could be weeks. That's just so hard for me to believe. My father and the doctors have decided that it is best not to tell her that she has cancer, and has instead told her that she has had a stroke and cannot live by herself. Radiation or chemo could give her an extra month at most, and she does not need to be put through that. She's now in a nursing home close to my parents, where she has a roommate for the first time since divorcing my now-deceased grandfather in 1971.

At 96, she is being a very good sport.

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