Sunday, October 21, 2007

Dueling appliances

It has been several weekends since R and I cooked breakfast on the weekend. Last weekend I had to be out of the house early, and yesterday he was up early to work on a Habitat for Humanity house.

We finally rolled out of bed around 10:30. We were up late watching a horrible football game. We started out at a sport sbar, but I had to leave when the place was taken over by Ultimate Fighting. Booo.

Anyway, we settled on waffles, so I grabbed my King Arthur Flour Baker's Companion and found a Pumpkin Praline Waffle recipe. I had no pecans, but I did have a can of pumpkin. I made the batter and pulled out R's Belgian waffle maker. We didn't wait long enough before opening it, and there was too much batter in the iron, so they came apart and turned to mush.

I then got out my 50+ year old waffle iron, because the recipe did call for using a traditional iron:

(Notice the completely uninsulated chrome and the wooden skewer I subbed for the handle.)

The first batch in my iron didn't turn out so well either. Again, I probably just didn't cook them long enough.

(folded up waffle on the bacon pan. We ate the bacon as an "appetizer"...)

Next, I decided to pull out my electric skillet. Pancakes! They were a bit too heavy.

By then I had made a second batch in my iron, but I let it cook a little too long:

Finally, we just decided to stick with the Belgian waffles.

The rest of the rejects will go into the freezer for another day.

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