Wednesday, October 17, 2007

We'll see if this one takes

Ever since giving up on my blog on our local newspaper's website, I have briefly created other blogs. I just couldn't stick with them. Lately I've had a bit more of an urge to get back into things. I even e-mailed the guy in charge of the blogs about coming back, but I haven't heard from him. For the time being, here I am.

The first interim blog involved nothing but photographs of food I was cooking at home for my husband and myself, but he got impatient about not being able to eat until I had taken a good photo. The goal of the next one was to post pictures of the weird things I found in my clients' kitchens. It was inspired by some seriously old herbs and spices in one former client's spice drawer. I thought about making it available for other personal chefs, seeking out their photographs of scary kitchen finds. I forgot about that one not too long after the first post. (The photos in this one were taken with my camera phone.)

I belong to a message board related to a zillion things, one of which is food. Every day another person is posting a link to their food blog, completely with horribly blurry (use macro, folks.) photos of probably ok tasting food, and decent pictures of scary foods called "dogs 'n logs." Like mine, many of them do not last a long time. Others are quite active, popular and showcase significant talent.

So, why start another food blog? Because I feel like it.

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