Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Chef (not) on drugs.

My doctor says I have a Thoracic-Lumbar strain and that I should come up with a more exciting story about how it happened (something other than we were running around the mall looking for a lamp). He also suggested that I blame it on my husband.

I came home with a messy prescription with three things written on it. One was a refill of my allergy medicine, which I didn't need today, one was a mild muscle relaxant, and I'm pretty sure that the third one was for Tylenol with codeine. Well, I dropped it off on my way home with the intention of picking it up on our way to the celebratory dinner we were attending for one of R's projects. When we drove through the pick up window I asked why I was only getting one. Her response: "The other one was for over the counter Tylenol."

We didn't have time to argue, but I'll have to go back today. My doctor actually said "They're going to mess this up." The pharmacist wouldn't know this obviously, but why would he confirm that I am not allergic to codeine if he is not giving me any, and --the pharmacist should have questioned this--why did he write "20 [pills] 1 refill" next to a Rx for a bottle of Tylenol that I was supposed to buy. He prescribed this knowing that I had already tried Tylenol and Advil, and that neither had worked.

So grr. I wasn't exactly planning on taking the codeine during the day. I do have to drive, and generally function. He gave it to me because the back pain is making it hard for me to fall asleep.

For the time being I really need to figure out what I cooking for my client today. It's already almost 8:00.

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