Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Have I even mentioned the personal chef thing?

I don't think so.

Yes, I'm a personal chef. I cook for people in their homes. I have several clients; I don't just work for one family full time. I haven't cooked for anyone famous, but I have cooked for an ex-con (white collar). Now that was a kitchen. Oh, to have a walk-in refrigerator...

It didn't last though, and I was kind of relieved. That family needed someone who would be there all the time and make a grilled cheese sandwich or shrimp cocktail on demand. I have no desire to be that kind of chef. I'm a business owner, not part of the staff (and this house definitely had a staff).

At the moment I have maybe 11 or 12 regular clients. It's a mix of regular folk, some with better kitchens than others. This morning I'm dillydallying. I really should get out of here, but I think I'd rather drink another cup of coffee and let my hair dry a little more. I'm dreading dragging my crap up my client's townhouse stairs. I did a number on my back on Sunday (the result of speed walking through the mall in super-flat shoes) and I've been in pain since Monday morning.

R is off in the burbs for a conference and won't be home until after dinner. That means I might eat cereal for dinner, or maybe a sandwich. Last night we ate thawed out leftovers from the recipe testing I'm doing. It was too healthy, so I'm thinking I should have something more fun this evening.

(Oh, and in case you were wondering. I took the picture at the top of this page. It's a paella I made for a client.)

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