Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Meatloaf a la Mother-in-Law

My husband's favorite food in the world is his mother's meatloaf. Before we got married (almost 7 months ago now), I asked her for the recipe. Tonight, I finally made it.

I did not grow up eating meatloaf. My mom grew up eating meatloaf, and apparently decided that she would not subject her children to the weekly meatloaf she ate growing up. My husband's parents are actually closer in age to my maternal grandparents. That must be why he grew up eating it. Unlike my mom, he enjoyed it, which makes me think this may be a better recipe. It's from a 1974 McCall's Magazine.

The recipe:

(She even sent me a copy of the photo!!)

I followed the recipe exactly:

The only difference is I used all pork instead of pork and veal.

I even tried to make sure it was the proper size,

but I soon discovered that there was no way I was going to fit all that meat in the proportions called for in the recipe. The bacon went on and it went into the oven. I baked it by temperature and not so much by time. Otherwise I think we would have starved because I didn't put it in the oven until around 6:40!

And in all it's Heinz Chili sauce-glazed glory (I'm so glad it doesn't look like the photo):

Oh, and I also made some oven-fried green tomatoes. I was shopping for some organic tomatoes the other day and noticed they had some green ones. They would have been greener if I'd made them day earlier:

They came out wonderfully:

(Recipe can be found here)

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