Sunday, November 11, 2007

A day of recipe testing

I'm supposed to test 10 recipes by Thanksgiving if I want to be credited in this cookbook. I really need to get to work. So far I have done two, and am doing one more this evening. I will have to test at least one recipe per day, and more on the weekend from here on out.

This morning's recipe was an oatmeal recipe. Tonight was a quick pasta dinner. It's vegetarian, but R accepted my offer to add chicken to it. I baked some and tossed it in after it was finished. It was good, but I have some suggested changes.

We did go iPod shopping on Friday. All was well and good until my computer freaked out and I ended up restoring the system back to 2003. Ugh. Luckily I did not lose too much of any consequence. I really thought it was going to reformat, but ended up being very lucky. I also had to email a guy I broke up with to get my OfficeXP CD back. He did find it, and is putting it in the mail tomorrow.

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