Monday, November 19, 2007

The last shallot in town

I think I got it, or at least the last one in a store that never runs out of shallots. I found it, all out of place, with the yellow boiler onions. You can't hide from me...I need you for my green beans.

Today begins the time of year when I hate grocery shopping. Even at 8:15 in the morning it is jam packed. My poor store had been wiped out yesterday, and while most stores (Whole Foods in particular) have this problem, my store is pretty well stock with pretty un-touched by everyone in town produce on Monday morning. Well, not today.

The green bean section was EMPTY. Thank goodness the haricots verts were pretty, so I used those instead (at about $3.50 more per pound!). I made it through telling my friends (employees) how I hoped to not see them again until next Monday, but then I realized I needed food for dinner Wednesday night. Back I went (to a few "but you said..." faces, but I have what I need. I can send R to Kroger for anything else I need.

I do have to shop tomorrow, but I'll be at Whole Foods for a client. I'm sure it will be just as bad, so I should probably avoid any ingredients that might appear on a Thanksgiving menu.

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