Thursday, November 8, 2007


My client wanted a chicken paella today. I make a paella (see the picture at the top of the page), but it's seafood. I had to go in search of one that was just chicken. Now I'm wishing I'd just converted that one. This one ended up so mushy, and I think it was all the tomatoes. Give me jambalaya over paella any day, but leave out the tomatoes. I've never liked tomatoes in my jambalaya, and now I realize that it must be the mushiness that the extra tomato liquid gives it.

I didn't think I was going to have to cook dinner for us tonight. R was supposed to meet a friend out for drinks, and as I wasn't up for wing food I told him I'd stay home. Well, it turns out the friend had to cancel, so at 3:30 he told me he'd be home for dinner. I took the leftover boneless skinless chicken thighs I'd bought today and decided to make chicken & sausage jambalaya.

The recipe called for regular rice, but I decided to use brown rice instead. It did end up a little wetter than I'd hoped, but next time I'll just cut back on the amount of water I add. I was trying to make up for the difference in rice, but it turns out I could have cut back by at least a cup. It still turned out yummy, and tasted much better than that boring paella. But, I cook what my clients want, and that's what they wanted...

No pictures tonight. My camera battery was dead when I tried to take one.

We're both off tomorrow. I think we're going iPod shopping!

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