Sunday, November 25, 2007

A Personal Chef's Thanksgiving

Ahhh. I imagine you are thinking that I would have a lovely dinner with all sorts of beautiful and delicious food, surrounded by friends and family.


R's aunt's oven died for the umpteenth time so we decided to fry the turkey instead. All the food she made last weekend was frozen solid (hello...ever thought of thawing it overnight in the fridge?) She got drunk, fell on her ass (and then told me to kiss it when I eventually offered to help her up...lovely!)

She accused me of ruining thanksgiving dinner, said a million other cruel things to me in regards to my (good) relationship with R's parents, told me no one liked me and that r and I believed we were better than the rest of the family, left me crying in the front yard, then went back in her room and passed out.

The rest of us quietly ate our dinner (when it had finally heated up in the roasters she had in the garage) cleaned everything up before she emerged from her "nap" and I high-tailed it out of there just minutes later without even looking at her.

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Chef Debbie said...

After 28 years of marriage, hubby and I came to the conclusion that happy memories of holidays and family gatherings are more important than relatives. We've been cursed at for the exclusivity of our guest list, but we decided this year to stand firm and don't regret it. Now we look forward to family events with great joy and wouldn't trade that for anything.

Family members who aren't invited understand that it is so because they've routinely done their best impression of asses at past events. Totally under their control and completely their responsibility.

This personal chef, who used to get more stressed planning events with family rather than clients, now enjoys her family gatherings!